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    refresh problem with tabnavigator


      Hello folks,


      I'm currently stuck on a problem with refreshing.


      When I open a certain page which contains 4 tabs and I click on the second tab, all I get is an empty white tab. The datagrids, buttons, and text present in that tab are not displayed. And when I try to change the tab, it doesn't seem to react anymore.

      However, when I open a new tab in chrome (or firefox or safari) and go back to the browsertab containing the flex page, it's loaded and working.


      Also, it seems that my clicking on another tab is registered, because when I use the webbrowser-tab-workaround, the next tab is selected when I return.


      Very strange ....


      Anybody got a clue where the problem could reside?


      PS: my apologies for the strange explanation, but it is a strange problem and difficult to explain on a short message :-)