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    Change property of a component for a specific state in actionscript


      Hi all


      Actually the following will be used in a Skin (mxml). But I guess that this has no influence on the question.


      Assume I have two states, say "normal" and "highlight". Assume further that there is a spark path component with a fill property

        <s:SolidColor id="fullTabPathFill" color="#333333" color.highlight="#999999"/>


      So to change the color property using actionscript I can do the following

      function creationComplete():void {
        fullTabPathFill.color = 0x444444;


      But what if I would like to change the color property in for the "hightlight" state? Is it possible to change the property "color.highlight" using pure actionscript? Or is this a situation where only a bindable variable can be used?


      Thanks for your reply.