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    signerStatus in Verify XML signature

    AmbikaM Level 1



      I am having a Class 2 certificate issued from a CA. The root certificate of the CA is configured in the trust store.

      In my form I am having both digital signature as well as XML signature. Now, in the verification process, when I am passing the form in Verify PDF signature activity. I am getting signerStatus as "Trusted" while if I am passing the extracted XML of the same form having XML signature in Verify XML signature activity, I am getting signerStatus as "Uknown".


      My question here is : "Is the signer status in Verify PDF signature different from Verify XML signature? If no, then pls provide the reason for this behaviour.


      Also, I want to understand, is an XML signature coupled with its corresponding Digital certificate?"


      Pleas provide your inputs.


      Thanks in advance

      Ambika Mittal

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          SForrest96 Level 4

          If you are using the same digital certificate to generate the PDF and XML signature, then each validation should return "TRUSTED" for the signer status.  I have tested and confirmed that this is the case in my environment.  In my testing my certificate chain is two certificates, the CA and the End Entity.  Validation of a PDF signature and XML signature work the same.


          How many certificate ares in the cerificate chain?  Is there a Root CA, Intermediate CA, and an End Entity certificate?  Was your PDF and XML signature created using the same certificate?


          When XML is signed, the certificates (public keys) are embedded in the XML, please see the attached file.  In this case the Root and End Entity certificates are in the XML.