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    How to get source clip file Path within SDK exporter plugin?


      Hello everyone.


      Now I am facing a stupid thing but it has me stuck for a few days.


      I want to get access to the source clip file path. From taking a look at the SDK exporter example, I only see how the output file path is read, but nothing else.


      I thought this code should work:



      PrSDKExportInfoSuite *exportInfoSuite = mySettings->exportInfoSuite;


      if (exportInfoSuite)


           seqFilePath.mType = kPrParamType_PrMemoryPtr;

           exportInfoSuite->GetExportSourceInfo(exportInfoP->exporterPluginID, kExportInfo_SessionFilePath, &seqFilePath);

           PrSDKMemoryManagerSuite * memorySuite = mySettings->memorySuite;


           int pathSize = memorySuite->GetPtrSize(seqFilePath.mMemoryPtr);


             sizeof(inputFilePath), (const char*)seqFilePath.mMemoryPtr, pathSize); 



      But it gives me the output file path, not the path of the source. As long as I am using GetExportSourceInfo I thought the session file path would point to the source path...


      Please, how can I get this info? Maybe in some part of the startup sequence?


      Thanks in advance.




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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          Almost every sequence involves more than one clip, and effects, frame rate conversions, compositing, etc require extra rendering so that the source clips are not something that can just be fed directly to the exporter plug-in.  Since the case of sending a single clip to the output is relatively rare in a user workflow, there's no simple callback to get that information.  Rather, a basic exporter should use the Sequence Render Suite to call into Premiere Pro to get rendered frames, and then encode those frames into the final file.