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    Uninstall does not remove installed files




      I have a hybrid plugin (InDesign/CSXS) which I packaged as a .zxp file.  Inside that package is the CSXS portion which is also a .zxp file which gets installed by the outer package.


      They both install fine, but when I uninstall the main one (which is the only one that appears in the extension manager), none of the files get deleted from either package.  The plug-in will not be visible in InDesign or the extension manager, but all files remain.  Is there something I'm missing from the installer to get it to delete the files on uninstall?


      I tried installing just the CSXS package and when I uninstall it, all files get removed.



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          Carl Sun Level 4

          Please open your mxi file within your hybrid zxp file, and check whether there is a "plugin-manager-type" attribute in tag <macromedia-extension>. If this attribute exists, then Extension Manager will not remove installed files when uninstalling this type of extension, it only removes related files from two folders that Extension Manager manages, and adds an entry to PlugInConfig.txt of InDesign.


          You can remove "plugin-manager-type" attribute from your mxi file to allow Extension Manager remove installed files, unless this attribute is necessary to you.