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    Use of inheritance in web services

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      I'm new to Flex development and have been developing a PPro extension which also uses a couple of web services to obtain information about the media and sequences.


      One of the web services I use gives me information about a project.  This project contans a list of clipmarks (sub-clips) that will become a sequence in PPro.  The problem is that the web service clipmark class is the superclass of either media_clipmark or audio_clipmark, and the items it puts in the list on the server side are of these subclass types.  So you get a list of say 3 media_clipmarks.


      BUT when then appear in the results in Flex they have been reduced to their common superclass clipmark and thus don't contain any of their specialised properties.  Is inheritance of server side class not supported by the proxy generator code in Flash Builder 4?  Is there any way to achieve the result I want - that is a list of clipmarks which are either media_clipmarks or audio_clipmarks and get the specialised properties as appropriate?


      I am assured that the server is correctly adding these to the project and I assume it is the declaration of the project as having List<clipmark> that is causing the problem.


      If this question has already been answered please point me to the relevant answer - couldn't find it by search.