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    unselecting Data List in custom component



      I am trying to make a dropdown menu.  I've followed instructions here: http://cookbooks.adobe.com/post_Creating_a_custom_combobox_component_using_Flash_C-17234.h tml and it works well but there is a problem.


      Here's what I did.

      Created a custom component with 2 parts.  Toggle Button and Datalist.  then I set up the states appropriately.  When I select a specific item on the datalist, I go to a different screen state but I share that button across the states (it's basically a menu option).  That part works great.


      Here's my problem:

      On my datalist, I have a "on select" event which takes me to the right screen state.  However, When I come back to that component, the datalist still has that item selected.


      Is there a way to "deselect" something on the datalist when I move from one state to another?  Or to force the selectedIndex to be -1 whenever the datalist appears?



      - Jana