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    Modifying an existing PDF (removing/modifying fields) and XDP/PDF block




      We have an application that is using the LiveCycle server to create PDFs from Master PDFs but the results are not as we expected.


      Currently we start with a MasterPDF that has an embedded XSD and proper data bindings.


      We use a customizaiton process that modifies the various trees in the XSD to mark fields optional or required or remove them.  When they are removed we remove the corresponding nodes from the XSD as well as the xfa:data, dd:dataDescription.  In the xdpt:template section we either remove the node (if it is a subform) or set the background as black and remove the data binding (if it is an input field).


      In the end we call PDFUtilityServiceClient.convertXDPtoPDF() to create the PDF.


      We would like to add the extended properties via the ReaderExtensionsServiceClient however there seems to be an issue with the xdp:xdp/pdf:pdf block in the XDP file.  We have to add one during the processing as there is not one in the master PDF when we read master pdf so a "generic" xdp/pdf block is added. This PDF block does not match the display but it allows the LiveCycle processing to work.


      If we add the extension properties then the user can open and save the file once.  If it is saved and reopened the reader reports that the document has been modified and saving is now disabled.  I expcet that this is because the xdp/pdf block is incorrect.


      Before opening the doucment, on a windows machine, the preview display in the file list shows a document that looks like the document that was used to generate the xdp/pdf block.


      If the document does not have extensions applied to it by the LiveCycle service and is opened in the Pro Reader the xdp/pdf block is aparently recreated and the extensions can be applied there and the document saved.  After this step the document operates as expected  and the preview is also as expected.


      So my question is: how can we duplicate the xdp/pdf rebuilding properties of the Pro Reader using the LiveCycle web services?  What modules do we need and what methods should I be looking at?


      Any assistance would be appreciated.