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    Setting the Flash Player Debugger




      I downloaded the Flash Builder 4 trial and have not used Flex before and I'm brand new to OOP in Actionscript 3. I'm learning from Colin Moock's Lost Actionscript Weekend. I'm at the point where he's compiling using Flex Builder, so I thought I'd try Flash Builder 4.


      All that said, I'm a noob... I'm just trying find out how to use the Debugger in Flash Builder 4. I've figured out if I launch the Flash Player Debugger before I Run Debug everything is fine. If I just Run Debug in FB4 without the Flash Player Debugger already launched I get "Waiting for Adobe Flash Player to connect to debugger..." and then I get a "Failed to connect; session timed out." error. There's a 1 and 2 after that too. 2. says: You are running the debugger version of Flash Player.


      Is it required that I launch the FP Debugger in order to Debug in Flash Builder 4? Is there a preference that I can set to point the Flash Buider 4 to my FP Debugger that will launch it for me? Just curious, thanks!


      Dave K.

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          Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee

          In Flash Builder 4, if you are building an actionscript project with "Generate HTML wrapper" off, Flash Builder opens the default application associated with .SWF file.


          If you manually associate the flash player debugger with the .SWF file, then you are good to go. (Do an open with on a SWF file, say always use this application)


          P.S: This has changed in the upcoming version of Flash Builder: you can simply point to any flashplayerdebugger.exe in Window -> Preferences -> Flash Builder -> Debug.  See labs.adobe.com for a preview release.

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            k-yo! Level 1

            Thanks Anirudh!


            I am working with "Generate HTML wrapper" turned off. And manually associating worked nicely! (For any Mac people who read this, you do a command+i and change the Open with drop-down menu: to the "Flash Player Debugger" and then click the "Change All..." button. Now all .SWFs will open with the Debugger version of the player)


            I'm really liking Flash Builder, just gotta move away from the procedural style I've been using for years. Thanks again!


            Kind regards,