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    Adobe Photoshop Incompatible with Windows 7 ?

    ThomasWikman Level 1

      I typically do not have problems installing Microsoft products, Corel products, HP products, AV software, dozens of other companies products on my Windows 7 Home Premium computer. I have never had problems installing Adobe products on ME, XP, Vista. However, every recent Adobe product I have purchased have failed to install on Windows 7 Home Premium and it typically takes support several hours to fix, if it can be fixed at all. It involves creating new accounts, disabling services, disabling the UAC, doing partial restarts (I did not even know those existed) and normal restarts, etc (I do have administrative rights on my account(s)).


      Today I was working with customer support (taking control of my desktop). We did not succeed to install Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.


      During the installation a windows dialog box was displayed which stated that the Adobe installation .exe file was incompatible with Windows UAC.


      There is clearly something wrong with the Adobe installer because Adobe products are the only products that cannot be installed.


      Why is it so difficult tp install Adobe products on a Windows 7 system?


      Does anyone know what is going on?


      Is the Adobe installer really incompatible with Windows 7 as the Windows dialog box stated?




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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I’m running several Adobe programs on Windows 7 - 64 bit machine supplied directly by Dell - including Elements, Lightroom, Reader and AIR.


          I’ve not experienced any problems.


          I suggest you contact your supplier and determine how they have set up User Accounts and Permissions.


          Your problems are more likely to be hardware related rather than software related.



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            ThomasWikman Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestion, but that is not the case.


            All user accounts I have created have Administrative rights. The user accounts created by Adobe support have administrative rights. Support have admitted it is a Windows 7 vs. installer problem (Home Premium 64-bit). The basic issue is that the UAC "thinks" the Adobe installer is incompatible. The problem is unique to Adobe. The other dozen vendors and 40+ products I have all installed fine and works fine.




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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              OK the only thing I can suggest is trying the on-line download.


              The in-built download manager certainly works and if you have purchased the boxed product; you simply enter the product code from the back of the DVD case. The download/trial then becomes a permanent installation.



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                Chas0702 Level 1


                I have a Windows 7 64 bit machine and I do not have the problems that you describe.  In the past I have had problems that involved the User Account Control.  My solution was to disable the UAC until I finished what I was trying to do.  All was ok after turning off UAC.  Maybe this will help you. Worth a try.


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                  MTSTUNER Level 6



                  To add to what has been written, installing programs as an administrator

                  usually results in less problems. It doesn't matter whether the account has

                  adminstrative permissions, you still should right click on the installer and Run as Administrator.


                  From what you say, the problem must be something particular to your computer.


                  Is widows 7 updated with the latest updates?








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                    ThomasWikman Level 1

                    Thank you for your help all three of you,


                    I finally succeeded to install.


                    I was using the downloaded version (not the DVD), I should have mentioned that. I did two things. I turned off the UAC (as suggested) and I moved the installation files from my user account folder where they were placed by default (I initially just accepted the default). The user account was protected despite my administrative rights, which is why install using setup.exe in the user account location failed. I have a feeling that I would not have had to turn off the UAC or move the files out of the user account folder if I had run as administrator. I'll remember that next time. It is funny customer support did not see this.


                    Anyway, now it is installed