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    Trouble finding an e-book once it is downloaded




      I have a NOOK Color. I am not having trouble finding and transferring a library book to my NOOK or purchasing directly off Barnes and Noble's site, but I am having trouble transferring a book purchased via a third party.


      I purchased two e-books, both should be able to be transferred to my Nook. The first one wouldn't transfer, and to be honest not sure what I did but was finally able to get it in my library and then could drag it over to the nook icon. The second book won't even show up in the library.


      What happens is I go to the link to download the book. It downloads it to digital editions fine, however, if I try and click the library tab so I can transfer it, the book disapears and I can't find it. I can go back and re-download it and the same process happens; downloads and shows up in the digital edition but if I try and click the library tab so I can transfer it to my Nook, the book disapears.


      HELP!! I am a computer novice and have had trouble figure any of this out.


      Thank you in advance!

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          I have an new Nook Touch, so this answer is not about the Nook Color.  Excuse the very simple step by step explanation, but I want people to actually understand.


          This was a borrowed Epub Library books, which may be the most difficult.  But that's why I bought the Nook, to read free library books (Sorry, B&N, but I'm not working, like many people and can't really affort to buy or store everything I want to read...The Nook was a gift from my sister).  


          ADE refers to Adobe Digital Edition,


          1.  First you have to borrow the book electronically from the library and download it to your laptop.  Mine wound up in  C:\users\my documents\my digital editions.  (And NOT in any of the subfolders of my digital editions).


          2.  Plug your Nook into your laptop using the Nook cable, and authorize it, if you already haven't.  This takes a little time and effort so review the ADE Forum on that topic.  You have to have the Nook plugged into the laptop to do this, and leave it plugged in til I tell you to unplug.


          3.  On my laptop, opened ADE, and the Nook was recognized  (shows on the left column).  If it doesn't show, go back to Authorize.


          4.  On my laptop, in ADE, drag (not copy) the library book icon from ADE to the Nook icon in ADE on the left (not any of the Nook subfiles, just NOOK on ADE. Click on Nook in ADE list on the left, and see if the book really made it.


          5.  Opened Windows Explorer in a separate window, opened My Computer, opened Nook, opened "digital editions"  (has a icon that looks like an open book) to see that book really arrived.  This confirms that the Nook and the laptop agree.


          6.  Close Windows Explorer and unplug the Nook.  Now we are done with the laptop.


          7.  Open your Nook.  It will have gone to sleep when it's plugged into the laptop, which is ok.


          8.  Open the Nook Library.  If the selection window at the top left is set to "Books" you will NOT see your new book, even though ADE and Windows Explorer say it's there.  Stop screaming.


          9.  This is where the magic happens:  Change the selection menu at the top left of the Library screen to " All ".  And voila!  your new book appears!  Open the new book, congratulate yourself on an outstanding technical feat and enjoy your new book!


          Again, sorry for the baby-talk solution, but I wanted to be clear.  If anyone finds errors, please let me know.

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            Only one point to add.


            Before you unplug the Nook, disconnect it logically from your computer.

            Since you're in Windows Explorer, right click on the Nook in the left side

            of the Explorer display (where it gives the Nook a drive letter), and choose



            When the window refreshes, the Nook should be gone from the list.  THEN

            unplug it.



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              Everything is just great until I get to your step number 9. I got a color nook but I can't find the so-called "selection menu in the upper left corner where I'm supposed to select 'all'". I've poked at everything there is in that upper left corner but nothing like a selection menu pops up.

              I've got the word "Library"  at the very top. Then I have  options like " Books" , Magazines, Newspapers etc.  across the top. There's no option to select all.

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                I was working with a Nook Touch, so it may be different.  The idea was that

                ebooks apparently show up differently than just 'books'.   Maybe you have a

                different menu that has choices for more than books and mags?  Maybe there's a

                different storage are that keeps things other than books, that isn't the

                'library'.  Might be there, you may have to dig around.


                Good luck