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    Preloader Help

      I've tried several ways to create a preloader for my company site... None have worked. One will loop the preloader, but won't start the movie. For this one I created a scene and placed it in front of the first scene of the movie.

      This is on the first frame of the preloader scene: (Scene1)

      if (_root._framesloaded >= _root._totalframes) {
      gotoAndPlay(“Scene 2”,1);

      This is the last frame:

      I get this message when I test it:

      **Error** Scene=Scene 1, layer=Actions, frame=1:Line 2: This type of quotation mark is not allowed in ActionScript. Please change it to a standard (straight) double quote.
      gotoAndPlay(“Scene 2”,1);

      Total ActionScript Errors: 1 Reported Errors: 1
      I understand that it doesn't like the quotes, but what should I be using instead?