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    Dynamic Header help in PDF Portfolio


      Need some help please, to create and load a Dynamic Header when creating a PDF Portfolio in LiveCycle ES2.  Have input parameter of a [name] and an [image file] to place in the Header.  Process flowing out of Assembler (PDF Generator).  Currently other PDFs being inserted within the Portfolio, and Navigation parameter being received ok, and setting up custom navigation.  Any help w/ creating Dynamic Header is very much appreciated.

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          Hodmi Level 4

          By "Dynamic Header" do you mean the PDF cover page, or the interactive portfolio navigator?


          If its the cover page then it should be a fairly easy thing to do.  You can create a form (XDP or PDF template) with a field for the name and one for the image.  Then you would use something like LC Forms or Form Data Integration to merge the data (image and name) with the template.


          The one thing you would have to do is to put the image and data into an XML format before you merge it with the form. That means you will need to convert the image to a base64 encoded format.  Fortunately there is a built in function for doing the conversion in a SetValue operation (its under Document Object Functions).



          If you are talking about the Navigator (portfolio shell) then it gets a bit more tricky.  The navigator is actually a Flex application and not a PDF.  You'll have to code a new one using Flash Builder, then import the resulting .nav file into your LiveCycle application. Merging the data with it is not something I've done before, but it should be possible (the LiveCycle Interactive Statement Solution Accelerator does something similar).


          If it is new navigator you need, check out some of the following links:




          http://acrobatusers.com/navigator-contest-faq  (for the development software links)

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            Punctu8 Level 1

            Hi HODMI,  Thank You very much for pulling these options, content, and links together.  Your time is very much appreciated.  Perhaps a little more effort than I expected, but Thank You very much again.  I will dive right into these possible solutions.

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              Hodmi Level 4

              I was helping out a customer and something similar came up.  If your Dynamic Header is part of the Navigator, and you are putting together your portfolio using Assembler, you may be able to use the Resource tag in the DDX file to modify your Navigator's data.



              As of LiveCycle ES2, in Assembler’s DDX, there is a Navigator element.  Navigator, in turn, has a Resource element.  You should be able to use this to locate a resource in the nav file and then point it to another resource.  I’ve seen it done with image files, but the same method should work for data.  Of course the Navigator will need to be coded to do something with the data.




              Please See http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/ddxRef.pdf  esp. page 255, 206 and 256


              And http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/programLC/help/index.htm?content=000971.html

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                Abhinav Sharma Level 2

                Hi Hodmi,


                Can you help me on this !!


                I was looking DDX Reference, There I found: (Page 51)

                Note: The Assembler service cannot help you create the navigation header (not to be confused with a page header). Nor can the service help you create a navigation welcome page. The best tool for creating navigation headers and navigation welcome pages is Acrobat Pro Extended 9.





                I also tried the below, but it too not worked.


                            <Navigator source="AdobeOnImage.nav">  
                                <Resource name="navigator/image.xxx" source="myImage.png"/>


                How to use the above method ?? Where I have to store myImage.png ? Currently I am assembling image in ddx usnig assembler.


                Can you give me some help how you did it with Image in your case??


                Thanks in advance.




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                  Hodmi Level 4

                  When you created you Navigator (using a Flash Builder project) you set up a folder structure.  In that folder structure you added an image that is referenced by the navigator's mxml file.     For example, I usually put my images and other bits in an "assets" folder.  So if I have an image that I'm using called myimage.png the path will be assets\myimage.png.


                  When I compile my code all of the assets get stuffed into the .nav file


                  With the DDX Resource tag you are telling LiveCycle to open the .nav file, find the file specified in the "name" attribute and replace it with a file found at the URI specified in the "source" attribute.


                  So, if I wanted to replace the old myimage.png with an image file currently located at http://myserver:8080/myapp/images/newfile.png, my resource tag would look like:


                  <Resource name="assets\myimage.png" source="http://myserver:8080/myapp/images/newfile.png"/>