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    robohelp 8 search not finding japanese characters


      robohelp 8 search of japanese characters in japanese output (Webhelp). I cannot find any instances of japanese defined words or phrases using the search function from the main navigation window. However, I can fin english defined words and phrases in the japanese output using the search function. It seems I have a multi byte character set (mbcs) problem. I believe Robohelp 8 supports multi byte character sets. How do I get robohelp to recognize japanese characters? Checking the enable substrings in the Webhelp properties box did not help with this problem. It would appear that Robohelp is indexing english words but not the japanese characters.

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          Mayank Agrawal Level 2

          RoboHelp 8 does indexing for search based upon Project Language. In order to enable Japanese search, you can set the project language to Japanese from File->Project Settings menu item.

          RoboHelp 9 allows overriding of language while generating an output through Single Source Layout properties dialog box. You can explore RoboHelp 9 for this enhanced functionality.