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    need help in this plzzz

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      HI ,

      I am working  in coldfusion from recently . I came up with some issue today that we  had a coldfusion queries and display results in table as reports . This  is fine but now we want to change this to flash.


      We had  front end designed by some one in flash and in flash window we need to  place this coldfusion report to display in flash UI Screen and it should  have to be refreshed in certain intervals to update report if there is  new records inserted in database.(its kind of issue tracing).



      Our technical guys came with some ideas to implement this coldfusion queries to display in flash with two ideas.


      One is that we need to make these queries to XML data feed to flash .


      Second is from CFC's to flash.


      I  have no idea how can do this and integrate with flash . Anyone has any  ideas on this how we can do this like by using XML data feeds and CFC's.


      Please help me with simple query example to convert to XML data feed or CFC and how to display that result in flash .


      Please help me



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          Dave Watts Adobe Community Professional

          Well, this is a very general question - it's one step above asking "how do I build an application".


          You can return data using CFCs very easily. Write a CFC, write a function within that CFC, and have that function return a query object.


          Flash applications can consume this very easily using Flash Remoting. But you have to understand how to build Flash/Flex applications to implement that. I would recommend the use of Flash Remoting (AMF) consuming a CFC service rather than converting anything to XML.


          Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software