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    Error: Component graphic or script edited

    cmscss Level 1

      Hi There,


      I'm trying to use Fireworks for wireframe mockups but am having a hard time using images in the document library. At this stage I'm just trying to use the "Image Placeholder" that ships with CS5.


      When you scale the image it won't really snap to guides or the grid (or other objects). I think this is because the little handles are outside the box maybe?


      Thinking this was the case, I opened the "image Placeholder" from the library and adjusted the nine slice guides so they were pixel perfect on the outside of the box.


      But now when I try to add it to the library I get an error "Component graphic or script edited".


      Not sure what I'm doing wrong - I just want things to snap to pixels and line up with objects, guides and the grid of created.


      Any help would be much appreciated.