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    Help with Text roll


      Is there any way I could reverse the motion of text roll so it will roll going up instead of rolling downwards? I've tried just making a default roll and changing to a negative speed but the speed is locked and won't allow me to change it.




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          There is no way to do that easily with the Preset Roll, but it is very easily done when the fixed Effect>Motion>Position and Keyframes. Because of the control that those offer, I do not recall the last time that I used either a Preset Roll, or Crawl.


          Select the Title, and then open the Effects Control Panel, looking for Motion. Twirl that open to reveal Position, and click the "stopwatch" to toggle on animation, at the first Frame, and then scrub the Position to be off-screen where you'd like to start the Title Roll. Then, where you want the Title to either disappear off the screen, place another Keyframe, and set that position. I like to pause most Rolls a bit, then move them off.


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