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    Audio and video out of sync

    poofyboy Level 1

      Premier Pro CS5, Windows 7 64-bit


      I am relatively new to Premier Pro and am very frustrated with a problem that seems totally ridiculous. At some point, the video and audio lose synchronization and I don't know why. I have started over from scratch once and the problem manifested again at exactly the same point in the project. I don't see the problem until I burn a DVD; it plays fine on the computer.


      Because I never consciously unsync video and audio, I wonder what must I be doing that would cause this to happen?


      I shot about 30 minutes of AVCHD video of a friend's band and am putting it together as a DVD project. Originally there were about 5 video clips but after I applied video effects, the number of clips increased quite a bit. I have tried quite a few things to isolate the problem. I know that:


      a) There is no problem with the original, unedited video clip


      b) If I copy a few clips before, including, and after the affected clip to a new sequence, it's fine. This includes all the video effects applied to the clips.


      Two days ago I restored the project from backup and essentially started over. Today the same problem manifests on the same clip. Seems incredible.


      I don't expect a slam-dunk answer but if you can give me some pointers I would appreciate it. This seems totally irrational.

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          poofyboy Level 1

          I found a workaround that works for now, which is to put every song in a separate sequence and then nest the sequences. Before, all songs were on

          the timeline.


          If anyone cares to comment on this as a best practice I'd be interested. IOW, if you shoot video that can be subdivided easily into segments (like songs in a live show), what are the advantages and drawbacks to putting each song in one sequence?


          One obvious disadvantage is that it is more difficult to apply global affects, like Shadow/Highlight, to multiple sequences than to one sequence comprised of nested clips.


          Anything else?