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    Q's on best setup for i5-650/P55 based system


      My rig is set up as follows, and you can find a link with a bit more info here:





      EVGA P55 LE motherboard

      Intel i5-650 at 3.2, not yet OC'ed, just in turbo mode

      Corsair 1600 ram, 8gigs in 4 sticks, loose timings at 9-9-9-24 because I was cheap

      EVGA GTX 465 OC'ed to 800mhz on the GPU clock and 1700 on the memory clock


      Coolermaster 700w PSU, 52 amps on the +12v rail to support the GTX 465 at full load...





      150gig Velociraptor, sata2 type for boot, pagefile is stored here too

      64 gig patriot PS-100 SSD for scratch disk, etc... general swap disk

      500 gig Caviar blue for working files, and a

      1tb Caviar black for storage, render files, etc...


      also a 1.5tb NAS in RAID1 for permanent backup.



      Most work will be with MKV, MOV and AVI files and I'll almost always be rendering to 720p, 5-15K bitrate and h.264 or a similar, very very compressed format.


      Some files will be at 1280x720 and at a huge 450-500K bitrate (animation files).  Those files will be in AVI, and are very large, up to the 4 gig limit.


      Other files are in MKV and compressed 1080 (1440x1080) but expand to full 1920x1080 at about 25K bitrate, and are much smaller files of course than the animation files.


      Those are the two file types and sizes that I'll be working with, primarily.


      I know the i5 is not ideal, but will I really see that much of an advantage from upgrading it to a i7?? I'm on the P55 chipset with a socket 1156 processor, so I can't get an i7 that is based on the larger 1366 socket without upgrading my motherboard.  The difference in performance for a 1156-based i7 did not seem to be worth the expense when I built this rig a few months ago, but seeing all the posts in the hardware forum, I'm wondering if I made a mistake.


      I've been able to render AVCHD-based files with no problem in another NLE, but I've never used Premiere before...


      Also, I think 8 gigs will be sufficient, but am I really dreaming on that?  Is 12 gigs absolutely essential??


      I have win 7 home premium, so I'm capped at 16gigs of ram but I would be willing to go to that if it'll really be a huge improvement in performance...


      Actually, the cost of upgrading to an i7 series, 1156-based processor or buying 4 sticks of new ram is about the same... so which would be a better choice?


      Thanks to all for any insight they'd like to lend to my questions today...

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Run the PPBM5 Benchmark and you will know where you are. My guess is around 700 - 900 seconds. You will have to live with that, since it makes even less sense to upgrade to a different platform, be it P67 or X58. Memory can only be either 8 or 16 GB, not 12.

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            CadenceDVE Level 1

            Got it, I will run the benchmark to see where I am at...


            so upgrading to the x58 for example -- not worth the money?


            I knew the P55 was a bit limited as a chipset when I bought it, but I figured it'd suffice for 1-2 years...


            Thanks for your help Harm!! Much appreciated...

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I can't look into your wallet, nor do I know about the bind your are in with your projects, but generally it is a waste of money to exchange a 6-month old system for a new one. It requires too much depreciation to be acceptable for the limited gains you get from a new system.


              If I were in your shoes, I would wait for Q4/2011 and the upcoming Sandy Bridge E/Waimea platform.


              I know, the price is incomparable to your current system, but so is the performance. My guess, around 20 - 30 times faster than your current system. However, the side effect of this new platform is that current CPU prices will be lowered too, making current platforms even more attractive.

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                CadenceDVE Level 1

                Ya, current system cost around 2K, so I don't have money to do a full upgrade for sure...


                I'm not really having too much trouble on the work I'm doing now -- mostly it was the other NLE that I was using that was constantly having stack/heap errors and massive memory leaks, so before I bought Premieme I decided to upgrade my rig.  I *thought* I'd done OK but I did cheap out on the processor, a decision I'm regretting now for sure LOL.


                I agree about sandy bridge -- H.264 encoding is the only task that is really a big hurdle for me right now, so I guess I'll just have to put up with the long render times for that encoding and wait for the next set of processors (they are octo core I'm assuming, right?)  because I agree with your estimate of a 20X performance gain or more -- that is not at all unreasonable to expect.


                I think I'll just start saving up now...