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    Dynamic text field has bold font, but only shows regular (non-bold) at runtime!

    Lazlo Hollyfeld Level 1

      I have a dynamic text field setup in one of my movieclips.  During run time, it is assigned a string.  The text field has an embedded font that has it's "bold" option set in the 'style' dropdown.  The problem is that at run time, the text field is only showing the "regular" style, not the "bold" style.  It's kinda frustrating and have googled around to find a solution, but could not find one.  Has anybody ever experienced this anomaly that Flash CS5 presents?  I even have the "Export For Actionscript" checked for the embedded font, but still no dice.


      Any suggestions you may have that can help me solve the problem are greatly appreciated!  Thank you for your time and help!