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    Runtime localization in AIR fails

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      Hi All


                i am trying to load system locale in AIR.


      code : initializeHandler(event:FlexEvent)


                var locales:String=Capabilities.languages.toString();







      Set the project properties as [additional complier argument] -locale de_DE -source-path=../locale/{locale} and the system language is en_US.

      If i run this project am getting a blank labels.am getting a blank labels when i set value to resourceManager.localeChain.Its working perfectly in static builds.


      Thanks in advance ..please help me..



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          Hi Preethee,


          I can see some conflicts in your sample code. Could you please try with following one? It works fine for me.


          var locales:Array = Capabilities.languages;


                          for (var i:int = 0; i<locales.length; i ++)


                            var index:int = i;

                            locales[index] = locales[index].replace(/-/g,'_');

                            trace ("locales:" + locales[index]);


                          resourceManager.localeChain = locales;



          AIR Engineering

          Grace Wang

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            prethi.flex Level 1

            Thanks Grace Wang,


                Now its working for me.i set -locale de_DE -locale en_US -source-path=../locale/{locale} in properties compiler argument and assign the system locale in localechain.