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    What is MethodClosure? Is this bad to have a lot of calls to it?

    FredericCox Level 1



      The Flex profiler seems like a very powerful tool but I have the feeling I'm pretty deep into the core technical stuff now (I'm no hardcore programmer I have no background in C , ASP or anything of that) in order to optimize a big project I worked on. The performance profile attached here shows the functions because being called for logging into a CMS and displaying (+ filling) a menu and moduleChooser (or dashboard) with contents loaded from AMFPHP. I see a lot of calls to methodclosure but based on google all I know is that this is an object holding references to functions or something? What could bethe bottleneck here? Also I notice that the initialize methods take up a lot of time, is this because there are too many children or is it related to styles? Can anyone clarify this? I can't find so much on the actual explanations of these performance profiles on the net. If anyone could help me understand them better that would be great because at my workplace they always say Flex is slow but I think it has a lot to do with big projects being handled inefficiently and doing a lot of work at the same time.