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    An urgent mc loading problem

      I have a flash movie, that has a galleries page. When you navigate to the galleries page, a menu is loaded into an empty mc.
      the manu is a zooming menu (ie when you roll over it, the bit under your mouse zooms in and its opacity increases).
      When you press a menu buttom, one of the individual galleries loads into another empty mc.

      The problem starts when I have a scroller inside one of the individual galleries (most galleries don't have them, but some have a scrolling text or scrolling images).
      When you activate the scrolling by dragging the scrollbar, or even just be pressing it, the menu stops zooming / changing opacity. You can still press the various menu buttons, and they work fine.

      I thought at first that there was a problem with the actionscript of the scrolling items (or the menu), but after checking and rechecking (and rechecking), got to the conclusion that it's probably to do with the loading of the MCs.

      I know it may not be much to go on, but does anyone has a clue what could be the problem?

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          injpix Level 3
          From what you have mentioned it sounds like by having a variable that will indicate to Flash that the user is currently looking in your “galleries” section would help. Ideally, have the variable as a Boolean type that would be set to true when the user is viewing this section. By doing this Flash will no longer look for mouse events to change the zoom/opacity and will essentially lock these attributes in for the user can use the scrollbar with desired results.
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            mutantxx Level 1
            That's just the problem. I DO want the menu to be active at all times.
            I don't really understand why when I press any of the buttons inside the different galleries the menu still works but when I press the scrollbar (which is inside another movie clip) it stops working.