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    Questions about CFBuilder

    minli98 Level 1



      I've been using Dreamweaver but I decided to try out CFBuilder, having been attracted to the idea of introspection of CFCs inside CFB.  However, a few things are not working as I expected.


      1.  If I use cfinvoke or new myComponent() syntax, I get a drop down list of all the available components.  However, when I use createobject("component", "myComponent") there is no drop down list.


      2.  After I create a new CFC, I don't see it in the component drop down list.  The CFC only shows up if I close and restart CFB.  Is there a setting I should set up?  It would be quite annoying if I have to restart CFB each time I create a new CFC.


      3.  I set in Preference to automatically insert closing tag.  However, the insertion is very uneven.  Sometimes I get closing tags sometimes I don't.  For instance typing <cfoutput> does not give me </cfoutput> automatically.


      4.  In Code Assist, when I highlight the selection I want from the drop down menu, I have to hit 'Enter' to have CFB complete the code.  I am used to hitting 'Tab' (from Dreamweaver and Visual Studio.)  Is there a way to change from 'Enter' to 'Tab'?


      5.  Also, the Code Assist does not work all the time.  When I type a cf tag, sometimes I get the list of attributes sometimes I don't.  I am not sure why I am getting such inconsistent service.


      6.  Finally, can I set a shortcut key for me to escape double quotation?  For example, if I type <cffunction name="", I'll get the double quotes (as per my preference).  Once I am done typing in the function name (eg. <cffunction name="myFunction" ), the cursor will be just before the closing double quote.  Is there a way to set the short cut so that if I hit 'Enter' or 'Tab', the cursor will be moved to the end of the line?  Right now I have to use the right-arrow.



      I would appreciate some help on my problems.  So far, I am not too crazy about the text editor.  But I really like the ability to access my components and database tables directly, so I am going to persevere with CFB.