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    Workflow options not retained


      I'm new to the Adobe forum and my first question seems to be easy to answer, but it isn't, actually.


      I'm a professional photographer and my main occupation is teaching. Camera Raw is one of the main subjects in my class and I don't often get a question I'm not able to answer. But this time I have a problem. Two of my students report the same glitch in Camera Raw : the fact that the workflow options are not retained. One student reports the fact that he has to switch from 8 to 16 bit processing every time he develops an image, the other student needs to switch over from Adobe RGB to sRGB for every image he processes. Obviously, the options are reset every time they start PCR.


      This is not normal behaviour, so I was wondering if it could have something to do with rights management for the folder in which the options are saved (both of them use Windows systems). Does anyone know the problem ?


      Looking forward to a solution!


      Johan Doumont