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    Video Banner


      Hi guys I'm quite new to flash but have experience in other adobe programs, I'm trying to create banner with imbedded short video no more than 5-6 sec.

      I was desperately trying to find some tutorials or any help on this subject without success.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.



      Ps. I'm using cs5

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          yalp.com.br Level 1

          If think this is what you need.


          File > Import > Import Video...


          • On Your computer

          • Browse your machine for the video

          • Embed FLV in SWF and play in timeline




          Symbol type  > Movie Clip

          Mark all tree check boxes






          Any problems let me know!!!

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            slaw7 Level 1


            Thanks a lot for the answer.....i think i need this to work in progressive download so video will be on server to reduce size of ad, they only allow 220kb

            How do i go about to saving/publishing?