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    Frame Rate Question

    thunderclap82 Level 1

      I have a video I've edited in Premiere.  The video is 23.976 fps, as is the sequence.  When I export the video as a Quicktime h.264, or h.264 for Blu-Ray and play it in VLC it shows as 23.976.  But when I try converting it in Nero or multiAVCHD for AVCHD the framerate changes to 47.95 (VLC shows this).  If I export the video from Premiere with the same settings of the project, it exports it as an MPEG at 47.95 fps, but when I look at it in VirtualDub it's registering as 23.976.  Why is it doing this when the project and video itself is 23.976?  I'm trying to keep it at that because other wise my audio goes out of sync.  Thoughts?