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    Data merge with RE document

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      I am trying to populate a Reader Extended PDF file with XML data. The process is as follows:


      * Client system drops XML in watched folder

      * Adobe picks up the XML and populates RE document

      * Adobe then puts the populated PDF back on the file system


      I cannot get this to work and was hoping someone would be able to assist!


      The files are hosted here:







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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

          I got your files except the sample xml file.


          I generated my own by going in the Form Designer under Form Properties/Preview/Generate Preview Data.


          Here a few things with you process:


          1- Make sure your xml file follows the same structure as the one generate from Generate Preview Data.

          2- You don't want to set the Output/Result property of the Write to File component to myDoc. The Output/Result just contains the actual result of writing the file to the file system (true/false). In your case, you're overwriting your PDF with that value. Just set it to another string variable if you need to use it.

          3- If you use a watch folder, it will automatically write all outputs variable to the result subfolder of you watch folder, hence you don't really need the Write to File step in your process. You can set the Ouput/myDoc property on the watch folder endpoint to %F.pdf s the pdf file has the the same name as the xml file when it writes it back to the file system.


          I hope this help.



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            Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

            A few more things from your updated process:


            1- As stated in my previous post, you need to set the Output/myDoc property on the watch folder endpoint. You can hard code it to ouput.pdf or use something like %F.pdf to give it the same name as the input file.

            2- If you want to pass multiple files an input parameters (xml + pdf), you need to put them in a subfolder and drop the subfolder in the input folder, otherwise it's going to invoke the process twice instead of once with the two files.

            3- Leave the Server Configuration/Include File Pattern to the default * instead *.xml. This means you want to scan for anything that's being dropped in the folder (including subfolder).


            I hope this helps.