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    scroller always visible

    Maximist Level 1

      Hallo, i need a little help. I have a component List and i want the scroller of this List to be always visible even if in disable mode. Now it is only visible when there many lines and it is ok, but i wish to see it even if it is not usable... How can i do it??


      Thx for all



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          Lee Burrows Level 4



          you can set css properties to keep the scrollbars visible:


          s|Scroller {

               horizontalScrollPolicy: "on";

               verticalScrollPolicy: "on";


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            as4more Level 1

            I'm having a similar problem over two days still not finding a good solution.

            Using Flash Builder 4.5 Burrito Hero SDK for MobileApplication.

            Scroller with a TextArea beyond the bounds of the scroller.

            The scroller is black and nearly invisible?! In fact it is invisible so no one knows it might be content off screen to scroll.

            Really it would make more sense to be invisible after you start scrolling? duh

            Anyway you can try stuff like this...

            contentScroller.verticalScrollBar.setStyle("skinClass", Class(VScrollBarSkin));
            contentScroller.verticalScrollBar.setStyle("autoThumbVisibility", false);
            contentScroller.setStyle("verticalScrollPolicy", "on");
            contentScroller.verticalScrollBar.visible = true;
            contentScroller.verticalScrollBar.alpha = 1.0;


            but the Scrollbar is always faded out until you actually start draging it then in fades in.

            I just want it to be visible so a user understands there is something there to scroll?!! but it's basically imposible.

            ScrollPolicy is just about if it's bigger then the bounds normally which is fine but it does not address this mobile faded out problem at all.


            Please somebody there explain how this is usful.

            Further I'm not seeing with the TextArea disabled the inherient ability to drag the text = scroll area around with presumable your finger in Mobile land as one would expect as default so I guess there's all kinds of comvoluted dragging bubbling to pass on or something... mybe I'll find something to set to true, lets hope it takes less then two+ days to make the thing visible in the first place.


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