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    Building workspace ... forever

    FredericCox Level 1



      I have quite a large project (containing 13 modules) and it is constantly showing Building workspace (between 1 and 10%) when I change something. I'm unable to run my changes until I clean the project (which also takes a minute or two) and then it goes good for 2-3 adjustments but then again I get into this Building Workspace loop which just starts over and over again (FB4) and I need to clean the project again


      Anyone have any idea or solution because this is not productive at all!

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          Gaurav J Adobe Employee

          You are using Flex SDK 4.0?


          How many projects are present in your workspace?If you have more than one projects, do you have a mix of AIR/Web Projects?


          Have you tried bumping up the memory heap for FB?


          There are some optimizations around module compilation in the upcoming hero release.



          Gaurav Jain

          Flex SDK Team


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            FredericCox Level 1

            I'm using Flex 4.1

            There are 6 projects (unrelated) in my workspace but all of those others are closed so only one project is opened

            I have doubled the settings in the .ini file but it does not seem to help, it's not a RAM issue I think.


            What are the kind of things that I could be doing wrong regarding modules? I have this class which extends module and this is the base class for all my modules, I do use this in the application to set some static vars to set some properties on the modules but when referencing them in code I use interface and not the actual class

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              I have similar issue with Burrito FB4.5, it build larger progect quite long time, more to add - if I try do to something during that I cannot, becasue it constantly drawing focus back to Progress view! very annoying becasue build can take about 2 minutes after I hit Ctrl-S to save current edits!!!

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                Gaurav J Adobe Employee



                you should post the progressbar issue on flashbuilder forum.



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                  Gaurav J Adobe Employee



                  Linking the base class (of the modules) in the main app may be contributing to the churn. When you make an incremental change to the main app, the base class will get invalidated and that would trigger a recompilation of all your modules.


                  As I mentioned earlier, module compilation optimization will be available in hero.


                  For now, you can try moving the modules to a different project.


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                    FredericCox Level 1

                    So if I make sure that the base class is not used in the main application it should also solve the issue? Then I might need to try that one, so only modules will have any reference to the CMSModuleBaseClass and no other parts of the application (not even an import), this is what you mean?


                    And can my module use a static var from outside which was defined in the main application like LoginInfo.userName ? Or is that also bad practice?

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                      I find it hard to fathom what causes Eclipse to act strangely, but it seems as if Build Automatically gets confused sometimes.  You could try leaving that off and doing a Build All when needed, instead.

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                        FredericCox Level 1

                        I have removed any direct references from my application to the module and the other way around and now build time is much better! Thanks for the tip. Only build automatically is still confused but I can live with that.