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    Working with two file MXML and collegate



      Now I'm successful create only file INDEX.MXML where within a window form with username-password, button (<mx:Panel) that when I have insert user/pass and click button, go a other window access (<mx:State) but if, I would use two separated file, example:



      Within a form with username-password, button



      Within a window with text WELCOME


      On index.mxml i don't know how is the code that after access and click go to access.mxml start WELCOME, as file separated PHP, HTML, ASPX, etc?


      How is is?

      Because, i don't like working every window or form only index.mxml, but before working two file and DEBUG, I'm shrewed that it is debug and created 4 files:

      - index.html

      - index.swf

      - access.html

      - access.swf


      For you, isn't a possibile debug this:

      - index.html

      - index.swf

      Includes alls funciont worket index.mxml and access.mxml?