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    Extracting Data from a List or updating a DataProvider?

      I have a List with a custom ItemRenderer that starts as an empty receptacle (the Data Provider starts with empty values that are filled in). The ItemRender is a custom Component with 5 form fields that are a mixture of text fields, radio buttons and Combo Boxes. I need to update the dataProvider with user-entered valued form the List items so that I can access the data. Approaches include:

      1. Putting event listeners on all the form fields to update the values as the user interacts with them, but I am a little fuzzy on how to access the dataProvider from the context of a subcomponent within a List Item.

      2. Iterate over the items in the List and extract the values to the data Provider - more efficient, but here I am unsure how to iterate over items in a list (they don't seem to be directly acessible by getChildAt, for example) when the dataProvider does not have current data.

      3 Bind variables to the fields in the List items (which are created dynamically from user interaction) so that the values are automatically updated, but this requires dynamically creating several Bindable variables and their bindings.

      Does anyone have an idea as to the best idea as how to proceed?

      Thanks again for all you help,