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    Unable to edit 1080p 60p 1080p video smoothly


      Hey Guys,


      I've installed a copy of Premiere Pro CS5 in hopes to edit video from my Panasonic TM700 series camcorder. As far as I know the video is 1080p 60p AVCHD.


      I am able to import the streams into Premiere, however when editing I'm noticing stuttering and overall a sluggish experience. It happens a lot with the more intensive transitions and effects. It'll be playing, the video will freeze but the audio continues. Eventually the video catches up. I've tried lowering the preview to half or quarter resolution.


      This puzzles me since I just upgraded my hardware to what I believe is pretty decent specs. Here are my specs. Also, I scored a 7.0 on Windows Performance Monitor in Windows 7. Also, I've upgraded to the latest video & mobo drivers


      Windows 7 Pro 64bit

      AMD Phenom 1075T six-core processor (3.0GHZ)

      8 gb DDR3 1333MHZ ram

      WD SSD for boot drive (rated at 250mb/170mb read/write)

      Seagate 500gb hard drive for storing Video files

      Nvidia GTX260 with 896mb ram


      Note that I've followed this guide: http://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/PremiereCS5.htm to allow me to enable Graphics hardware acceleration. I checked last night and it is turned on. Seems to make no difference at all.


      Does anyone know what my problem is?


      Thanks to everyone for your support! Hopefully, I can get this working.