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    my Dialog with picture


      Hi buddies,


      See my below simple js script. It runs on my computer but when I run this script with other computer it gives error due to missing picture.

      How can I automatically add my picture to other computer so that my script works perfectly?

      Please add that code in my script.



      var myDialog = new Window("dialog", "My Picture Dialog");
      myDialog.add ("image" , undefined,"~/Desktop/mypicture.png");
      var myBtnGroup = myDialog.add("group");
      myBtnGroup.orientation = "row";
      myBtnGroup.alignment = "center";
      var myOkBtn = myBtnGroup.add("button", undefined, "Ok");
      var myCancelBtn = myBtnGroup.add("button", undefined, "Cancel");
      var myDialogShow = myDialog.show();