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    some poor jerk needs help


      Trying to install FLASH, nothing works, error message is always the same "could not open install.log file".  Have been on this now for one full week nothing offered by Adobe, Microsoft, AT&T

      has worked.  I ran a system search again this morning "NO flash or Shock is in any file on my windows system, using Internet 8, all in compliance with everybodys need.  When downloading FLASH/SHOCK all fails.  If I open my ADD/Delete program I have an entry for FLASH, it shows NO size space if I go to delete it...IT WILL NOT DELETE & thats what is blocking installation of FLASH/SCHOCK.


      I have 2 successful downloads of ADOBE AIR 29.44MB and X Reader 111.00MB.  LOOKING for some honest computer ace to help me correct this problem,

      NONE of the above pros have done squat.  Is there anyone out there?  email me direct:  chart7421@att.net


      As you can tell I have never posted before & I hope I never have to again.  Thanks