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    Can you read a .prel file to recover a corrupted file?

    Nick Francis

      I was working on a project (in elements 3.02) when my hard disk gave up the ghost.  I managed to recover all the data and transfer it to a new hard disk.  However, when I open up the project the status bar gets to about 90% before hanging.  I've tried opening up the auto-saves and I can open up to "-3".  I can't open "-4" or "-5".  I think these are after when I added a whole bunch of .m2t files to the project.


      Is there anyway of looking at the prel files in a text editor and seeing if there is some sort of obvious fault that is pointing to the hang, then editing the original or prel so it will work?  The back-up files I can open are a quite a way back from where I was, and I'd rather not have to re-do the work - a lot of painstaking key-framing!