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    Application Id directory not created

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      Hi there,


      I'm a developer of an AIR application and one of the users of the application is having a difficult time in getting the application up and running. When users run into difficulty with the application, I usually ask them for the log files for the application which are stored under:


      /Users/user_name_here/Library/Preferences/my.app.id.REALLY_LONG_ID/Local Store


      However, with this particular user, the my.app.id.REALLY_LONG_ID/Local Store is not present. I've looked through their system log file to see whether there are any blatant permission issues or anything like that, but no dice.


      Has this ever happened anyone on this forum before? Any ideas on where I might be able to get more debug information from a running AIR application?






      PS - I've seen application and installer log files from this user and the application (and runtime) appear to install without any issues. They're running Mac OSX 10.6 and AIR 2.5.1.x

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          seaneyefi Level 1

          Just in case anyone is having this exact same issue,


          This appears to be a permissions problem. I haven't been able to successfully reproduce this on my own machine, but some Adobe AIR users have run into the case where AIR cannot create this folder because it doesn't have the correct set of permissions. Asking people to sudo run the application seems works as a workaround, but isn't exactly the greatest user experience.