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    FormCalc help


      I have come across an issue that I believe I know is due to my limited  knowledge of LiveCycle and FormCalc (I have only been dealing with the program for only a few weeks): I am trying to have a text field in  a table (ex. ISide) calculating the .formattedValue of data from  multiple, similarly named drop-down lists, each in different subforms  (ex. MSide). Ive tried a few different ways to have the field access  and calculate the subforms that have the same named drop-down lists (for  instance, the expression "[*]" ), but have been unsuccessful.

      Here is an example of the issue I am having:


      $.rawValue = null
      if(Table2.Model[*].MSide.rawValue ne null)
      $.rawValue = Table2.Model[*].MSide.formattedValue
      $.rawValue = null


      I have tried to adapt what I learned from in a short amount of time, and it works fine  for the first subforms field; however, for the other instances of this  field in other subforms, it does not work. Am I missing something in the logic, or is this something that needs JavaScript (such as the .resolveNode)? Thanks in advance!