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    Flash not playing and I may start drinking.


      I have converted some Windows Media files to Flash and all but one are playing. Now please note that the 2 links I'm providing are the exact same site. I loaded one as a test and the other is now live.



      This page loads but the Flash does not appear. (Note browser error stating missing file. I've checked reloaded checked again, drank a beer, reloaded but it still is being overlooked.)



      This is the exact same directory from the exact same site with all the exact same content within and it does play correctly. Both reside on GoDaddy accounts.



      I've tried from a Mac using Safari and a PC running I.E. I just can't figure out how the same page with the same support files does not provide the same results. I'm hoping someone else has had this issue and can provide some details.


      Thank you