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    Problems importing 3D Illustrator FXG to Flash


      I have a simple rectangle with a 3D-bevel effect built in Illustrator that I need to export as an FXG file for use in Flash.


      When I export from Illustrator to an FXG format, it creates bitmaps and embeds those in the FXG file.


      if i import directly into Flash CS5 there are transparent gaps (and the symbols created are very complex), and it warns me that the objects aren't compatible with flash and they should be converted to bitmaps first.

      Is there a way to export the object to an FXG file and keep it in a vector format?

      if not, and this may be an Illustrator question, is there a way to create the same kind of effect so that I can get an end FXG object that will work in Flash?


      An example of what I am seeing is posted here: http://idg-partners.com/flash_issue.html


      Thanks in advance.