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    hotspot behavior: restore image onMouseOut to previously-selected states?


      I have an image map and am using hotspots-linked events to trigger the swap image action.


      For example, imagine a map of Canada:

      The image map consists of a map of the entire country.  Each state/image (Fireworks state, that is) has an image showing an individual province in a different color than the rest of the country.  There is one hotspot for each province on the map, and it covers only that province on the map.


      Each hotspot has the behavior such that at the event onClick, swap image occurs to the state/image representing the underlying province.  "Restore image onMouseOut," is disabled.


      State/Image 1 is a map of Canada with no province selected.


      So now you have a map of Canada, and when you click on any one province, that province changes color. 


      That's great, but I want more:


      Let's say I click on British Colombia and it changes color.  Using a mouseover, I would like to be able to preview my future choices of other provinces.  I would like to be able to mouse mouse over Alberta, and see the state/image where Alberta is highlighted, but reset onMouseOut to my previous selection, which was British Columbia. 


      In other words, I would like a simple mouse-over that restores at onMouseOut to the state/image that was previously defined by the action onClick. 


      My problem is that Fireworks only appears to only allow "restore image onMouseOut" to take you back to State/Image 1. 


      Are my wishes beyond the capabilities of Fireworks?


      Thanks in advance for any advice/instruction anyone might have!