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    Importing Audio

      I am using presenter for the first time. I have the powerpoint presentation and an audio file that has markers where the slide changes happen. Must I cut the audio file up into one file per slide in order to import the audio for the entire presentation? If yes, is there a handy sound editing utility to do that?
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          phatty5 Level 1
          You should not have to cut the audio up. When you import the audio there is a check box you can click if you have markers. the audio should then go onto the correct slides. If it does not work there is a piece of software called audacity that will help you cut the audio into sepearate files.
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            sean@realeyes.com Level 1
            I personally would record 1 WAV/MP3 per slide and import them individually. I say this because if you ever need to update a slide & its audio, you're not stuck with one huge audio file to re-record or "try" to edit surgically.

            If you have a quality USB mic, the recording audio features with Presenter really aren't that bad. You can always set the audio quality to "high" when its time to publish as well.
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              646IPD Level 1
              We appreciate your response. In our case we are recording a live event, a speaker giving a presentation and, more often than not, we must do some editing of the sound to remove noise and normalize the sound levels when there are multiple speakers. We actually video record the presentation with a camera capturing the presentation images and two sound tracks. We use one track for the 'program' and the other is used to capture the slide changes using audio beeps which during the editing we convert very quickly into markers and then dump that track on the finished wav file.
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                robva65 Level 2

                In an ideal world, Sean is right. Far better to deal with individual files due to the possibility of having to correct one long audio file in the future. Given that you have a live session, you could still cut up your audio, although it'd be a far longer process to go through.

                Audacity is a free audio editing tool ( http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) that outputs decent wav/mp3 files. I say "decent", because although it's no Audition, GarageBand, etc, it IS enough to do the job, especially when clients don't have tons of money/resources to throw at a project for the sake of rapid deployment.

                With respect to having a master wav file from a live event, you can easily bring that single audio file into Audacity, cut it up, process it into several smaller "chuncks" and then import into PowerPoint via the Breeze menu.