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    CFHTTP Error...attempting to access Google Search Appliance


      We have a Google Search Appliance (GSA). It cannot be accessed directly through a simple form submission since it is behind our firewall. I have to make a call to it from our website (I am tracking down some docs from Google on this). I can access it when I am VPN'd into our network. SO I thought I would attempt to write a cfc utilizing cfhttp to make the call. I began by writing a simple cfc on a cfm page but I get the following error...


      Connection  Failure: Status code unavailable


      I have searched all over the web and tried various fixes to no avail. Here is my cfhttp code...


      <cfhttp method="get" url="http://googleapp01.corporate-domain.net/search?" timeout="60" throwonerror="yes" charset="utf-8">
          <cfhttpparam type="url" name="proxyreload" value="1">
          <cfhttpparam type="url" name="proxystylesheet" value="activant_com">
          <cfhttpparam type="url" name="getfields" value="*">
          <cfhttpparam type="url" name="q" value="pos" encoded="yes">
          <cfhttpparam type="url" name="btnG" value="Search" encoded="yes">
          <cfhttpparam type="url" name="access" value="p">
          <cfhttpparam type="url" name="output" value="xml_no_dtd">
          <cfhttpparam type="url" name="client" value="activant_com">
          <cfhttpparam type="url" name="site" value="activant_com">
          <cfhttpparam type="url" name="filter" value="p">

      <cfdump var="#cfhttp#">


      So as you can see, nothing especially difficult here, but I cannot figure out why it will not resolve, especially since I can access it through a browser.