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    Will Flash CS5 make a flow chart of my AS2 app?

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi -


      This is really a question about whether or not Flash CS5 has a feature that would make my current task easier.


      I built a Flash8/AS2 application a few years ago that had quite a complex structure for a novice like me.  The app starts with a Splash screen that gives the user 2 basic choices, one of which leads to a navigation menu movie clip which leads to 52 informational videos, and just about as many getURL's to forms at the customer's site.  Each video is in a "container" movie clip that also has buttons leading to other mcs with more static information.


      It's a very dense tree!


      Now my customer is asking for a "Navigation Flow Chart" made in Visio or some such plotting software.  That's not a problem but it's arduous, tedious, etc.  IF Flash Pro CS5 had a built in widget that would help with such a task, displaying the tree of connections between the movie clips that I could work from, I could get the job done quicker and get some new software too.


      Will Flash CS5 generate a "navigation flow chart", a map that shows all the connections between all the movie clips in my app?


      Thanks in advance for your input.