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    My answer to Error Message 2038 when trying to download library books to ADE/NOOK

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      I found my solution! I previously posted a "Help" on the forum because I could not get my public library books to download to ADE. I kept getting an error message #2038 stating to check my network connectivity. Well, not being a techie, I didn't even know what that meant....and the search began. After MANY excrutiating hours, I found the simple answer for my particular trouble.


      First, please indulge me why I whine.... I checked my firewall by funbling my way through my computer and trying to download to ADE without it being turned on, not my problem. My virus protection, not the problem. I copy and pasted folders as suggested in some forums and totally messed them all up. I had to delete them from my PC and have Nook help me reset my nook to factory settings and reauthorize my Nook.  What a MESS! I uninstalled and reinstalled ADE checking out my ID, etc. I spoke with the public library and tried their solutions....nada. I TRIED to speak with ADE but they informed me Digital Editions is a free software so I couldn't even PAY a techie to speak to me and had to use these forums. Nook advised me that the problem was not Nook related and they were NOOK TECHIES not computer techies so maybe I should check with ADE. ON AND ON around the merry go round.


      Finally, here was my problem and answer. I did not know what a "proxy" was. I kept being told to check my "proxie server". I don't know if this will work for anyone else but here was my simple answer. I have a satellite internet service provider. I called them, and although they told me this was not within their scope of service, they helped me. I went onto Internet Exployer, I clicked on Tools. I clicked on Internet Options, I clicked on the connections tab, I click on the LAN settings and there was a number in my "proxy server" box. I recognized this number as being the same number listed for my satellite provider (Hughes Net). I called them and told them my problem and asked if that number SHOULD be in my proxy box. They had me delte the number and click on "automatically detect settings" instead. They then had me make sure my internet could still surf the internet correctly by having me go into "graphi-heavy" sites like Facebook.com and CNN.com. My internet worked great as ever. I then went to the public library web site and checked out a book. ADE came up and instantly downloaded the book. I was able to drag and drop the book to my Nook icon and it appeared in my Nook. I can now check out free public library books, which is the whole reason WHY I purchased the Nook and not the Kindle!!!!


      I was told this proxy setting was not "wrong" just speaking a language that ADE could not translate....so to speak.


      Yeah!!!!!! I hope if anyone else has this problem, you will find this posting to be your easy answer......because it has not been easy to find this information out.  There is noone out there to help you but these forums!!!! The one fall-back to the NOOK is that they are NOT prepared to help you resolve any compatibility problems. THEY ONLY KNOW HOW TO OPERATE THE NOOK, they aren't computer Techies. NOOK is great, but if they want to be #1 they are going to have to beef up their Support Network with qualified computer/Nook techies.