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    AE Pixels to Avid/FCP Points


      I have searched for this specific issue, but have not found a clear answer:


      I need to convert the size of the type and kerning/tracking values from the Pixel values used in After Effects (CS3-CS5) to the Point values used in Avid & Final cut.  (This is for a style guide for editors using graphics that I have created that are somewhat complex and not easily matched by eye.)


      There doesn't seem to be a straight linear conversion that works between the two, and all of the print orientated calculators that I've found via Google don't seem to work for Avid & Final Cut.


      I've also tried using PS and AI to convert the values, but that doesn't seem to work either.



      Project is in 1920x1080 for video.

      For example, Futura Medium type used in AE @ 65px has to be sized to about 31pts in Avid to look correct.

      The kerning in AE is 339, but in the Avid it is about 21.


      Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.