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    Maybe trying to do too much


      To make this as short as possible: I have a DVD that was made off of our old 8mm film (home movies). I paid to have the film transfered to DVD. So  I own the DVD don't see a copyright problem. I want to give a copy to my children but there is no sound explaining who the people are. So what I want to do is download the DVD on to my computer and then rercord it but with a voice letting the viewer know who the people are and what is going on. Will Elements do what I want to do or is there something else out there that would be a better choice?? Any info would be helpful

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          Welcome to the forum.


          Yes, PrE will allow you to do this, and fairly easily.


          First, having the old film telecined to DVD is not the best, but it has been done, and you will probably be able to work with it. The problem is that when the film was transfered to DVD, the digital info was heavily compressed to MPEG-2, the format/CODEC of a DVD. You will now be working with a compressed source. You will want to do New Project, and set that up for a "mini DVD/Hard drive camera. You can very likely Import the VOB's (the containers for the MPEG-2 material). There can be issues, if there is any sort of navigation (Menus, etc.) on that DVD, and if they are not fully DVD-compliant. Still, there are ways around that.


          Some hints for doing your Project:


          • Pick a microphone that attaches directly to the computer's sound card, and not USB, as many USB mics have issues
          • I'd record to an empty Audio Track, though there is a Narration Track. That fixed Narration Track has caused some problems
          • Turn OFF your speakers, if there is Audio from the DVD, so you do not get feedback


          Good luck,



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            If there is navigation in your DVD, and you have issues, this ARTICLE will give you some tips, plus some background.


            Good luck,



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                Thank you for your input. This is a totally new experience for me. So once I get the softwaare and actully start on this project I might have some more questions, but I'll try looking in past questions so I am not bothering anyone.

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                Do not hesitate to drop in with any questions. I would like to recommend some learning tools by our MOD, Steve Grisetti.


                First, his Basic Training Series on Muvipix.


                Next, his Learning Series, free to subscribers on Muvipix.


                Then his books on PrE, plus his Tips & Tricks book, also available from Muvipix.


                Those resources will get you up to speed with PrE in no time, and if you finish with Tips & Tricks, you will know almost everything that the program is capable of, and how to unlock a great deal of its power.


                Also, there is a Tips & Tricks sub-forum, plus an extensive FAQ sub-forum, with a lot of very useful info. Do not miss those.


                Good luck, and happy editing,