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      If i can use premiere elements, how hard would premiere pro be to learn (i have opportunity to move my project to computer with pro)

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Actually, I find PrPro to be an easier program to work with, but then I came from a film background, and more in it is done like film editing. The old GUI with PrE 3.0 was a bit closer to PrPro, but Adobe decided to simplify things, and to streamline the GUI, so I still fumble with PrE a bit. More in PrE is done by a Preset, or a button, than in PrPro, where most operations are done by hand, but with more control. It is exactly the same with DVD/BD authoring, which with PrPro is done in Encore - little is automated, and most is done by hand, but the extra power is enough for me.


          If you do go with PrPro, I strongly recommend Adobe Classroom in a Book Premiere Pro CS5, Adobe Press, as Curt Wrigley, the author, will step you though the GUI, the normal workflows and most aspects of the program. When you finish the included Projects, you will have a great idea of almost everything in PrPro. Cannot recommend it too highly.


          For me, the power is intoxicating, and I would not give that up for all the Presets and buttons on Earth, but that is just me.


          Good luck,



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            >move my project to computer with pro


            But, do be aware that I don't think Premiere Pro will not read a Premiere Elements PROJECT file (from other messages) so you may move your media, but not your project

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              John T.,


              This might, or might not be true. Much will depend on the exact versions. My PrE 4.0 PREL Project files will open in PrPro 2.0, without problems, but I do not use Themes, or Instant Movies, and my Effects and Transitions are limited. The reverse is NOT true - PRPROJ files will NOT Open in PrE. I have Opened PrE 3 PREL files in PrPro 2.0, though when the user has added a lot of Effects, certain Transitions, Themes, or Instant Movie, there have been issues.


              Now, PrPro 2.0 will NOT Open PrE 7, 8 or 9 PREL files. However, what I cannot test is if a more contemporary version of PrPro will Open a more recent PrE Project. It might, or might not.


              Just some observations,