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    Submitting form with attachments.

    Abhinav Sharma Level 2



      I have a simple need. I am stucked in it. What i need to do is:


      Step 1: User1 starts opens a pdf form inside LC Workspace, fill it, attach files (Reader Extended) and then submit it.


      Step 2: User2 receives the filled form with attcachments. Can view attachments and save them in repository.


      I am stucked at step 1. User is able to fill the form, add attachments but can't submit it. If I am not enabling the Reader Extensions for attachments (Disabling functionality to attach files) then it works fine. But when using with attachments option, it fails. It gives no error, no message and does not passed to the 2nd user.

      Is there any special requirement in developing such process/form ??


      Please help me out on it.