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    Version control in PP CS5



      I am new to PP as we have mainly worked with Flash

      I know PP can be set up to autosave - the last 5 or more changes every 20 minutes, but how do people control the versions of the project in PP.

      Do they rename the project after each editing session?

      (I gather from the thread belwo that repositories such as git/subversion are not used?)




      Also how do you know that you are using the current version of an asset such as a foley/sound effect or a CGI effect ?



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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          If you want a "safety," you'd use the "Save a Copy" option and pick a backup location separate from your original save location. Undo history isn't saved with a project, so if you're looking for the ability to go back to an earlier edit, the only way to do this is to save copies incrementally, or just duplicate your sequence in your project and edit on the copy. That way, you can create "snapshots" on a time basis (hourly, daily, whatever) that works for you.


          To change an asset to a newer/updated version, just right-click it and select "Replace Footage." Navigate to the updated asset and select it; the master clip along with all references to it in your project's sequences will be replaced, making this a fairly painless process. You can also replace the original file at the OS level, maintaining the filename, and when you reopen your project, Premiere will just automatically assume that that is the file it is supposed to be using. Locations and filenames must be the same in this case, whereas the "Replace Footage" command can use different locations and filenames. It also has an option to "Rename Clip to Filename" which, if you serially increment the filename of your updated assets, will tell you visually that you're using the latest version.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Here's a little more information about the Replace Footage command that Colin mentioned:

            "Replace the source footage for a clip"

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I myself don't save versions.  The latest is always the best.